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Lace is a decorative fabric in which the design is formed by open spaces. You might say that it’s a pattern of holes held together by thread. If you begin with a piece of fabric and create holes in it, you will be creating a “lacy” fabric, but not a true lace by our definition

True Lace begins with a strand of fiber.

We are a group drawn together by our love of lace. While most of us are bobbin lace makers, we also create needle lace, tatted lace, knitted and crocheted lace. At our meetings we encourage, inspire and help one another to learn more about lace and how to make it.

The Metropolitan Chapter meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month except for July, August, and December. The meetings are held at members’ homes or other venues. Most members are from Bergen County, NJ, Rockland County, NY and New York City. We are the only chartered chapter of the International Organization of Lace, Inc. (IOLI) in the metropolitan New York area

Next Meeting

April 26, 2016
Coffee at 10:30 AM
Business Meeting 11 AM

Location: Elaine's house. Please let Elaine know if you plan to attend.

Program: Introduction to Tatting

If you are planning to participate in the introduction to tattling workshop..........
Using a thick thread such as size 10 crochet cotton makes it easier to see the stitches. Variegated thread also makes it easier to see the stitches.
Do not overfill your shuttle. Unless you're doing an edging, a couple of yards is more than enough. Do not cut the thread off the ball.
When winding the shuttle, do not wrap the thread onto the shuttle. Instead hold the thread with one hand and "walk" the shuttle down the length of the thread. For a shuttle with a bobbin, I just use the sewing machine to wind the bobbin.
The shuttle should be wound counterclockwise so the thread hangs from the back side of the shuttle.
If your shuttle doesn't have a hooked or pointy end, please bring a crochet hook suitable to your chosen thread. It wouldn't hurt to have a large (corsage pin) handy.
Please bring a tatting shuttle and tatting cotton.


Membership is open to all persons interested in furthering the purposes of this organization upon payment of $15.00 dues per year. As a member you will receive the chapter newsletter “The Pinhole Press” seven times a year. The extensive chapter library of lace patterns, books on various types of lace and histories of lace making and various laces is available to all members.
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